Monday, November 09, 2009

The Last Waltz: Peter Honig & Kathleen King

Our November Last Waltz, well almost last, was a fun evening with art lovers and a surprize marching band that showed up toward the end of the evening. The radiant Kathy King is below with her multi media installation that is electrifying!
Not sure who this is but I could not resist posting this guy with a baby strapped to his chest looking as if he is going to steal Peter's work.
Peter Honig engaged in conversation and probably sharing his wonderfully dry and funny humor.

In the back room gallery we had "Swan Song" a four person show with JoAnn Biagini, Chela Fielding, Charlie Milgram & Tarra Lyons.

Peter's work definately draws the audience in.

As I was leaving the gallery late into the evening I heard what sounded like a full marching band coming up from Telegraph Avenue.

Sure enough a group of musicians was headed right for our gallery. They marched in and filled the gallery with their performance.

Much to the delight of everyone around!


Blogger TheNightJar said...

looks like so much fun ; )
I wish i had been there

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