Monday, July 13, 2009

July 2009 Opening

Here are a few photos of our July 09 opening. The two person show in the front is titled "Wood and Water" featuring the work of Mary Curtis Ratcliff and Anna Vaughan.

We enjoyed having a local choclate company called Tortoise and Hare Chocolates donate a sampling of their art work!

Anna Vaughan with her sculpture

One of Anna Vaughan's installation pieces.

Mary Curtis Ratcliff's work
Mary Curtis Ratcliff with her work
Joan Weiss' painting
In the back of the gallery we are introducing a new format showing 4 members each month. This month we are featuring Julie Alvarado, Aaron Geman, Kathy King and Joan Weiss.

Kathy King's Paintings

Julie Alvarado's installation

View of the show in the back gallery


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