Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 2009 Opening

October proved to be another busy opening for Mercury 20. Tarra Lyons and Joan Weiss are exhibiting paintings in the front of the gallery. While Eric Bohr, Margaret Chavigny, Maya Kabat and Laura van Duren installed a four person show in the back of the gallery. Here is a brief sample of the evening.

Joan's paintings are bursting with a peaceful color palate.

Openings always seem to begin with joyful little people skipping and hugging through the gallery.

There is much to discover in Tarra's delicately painted landscapes.

Joan with a few art murmur friends.

Margaret discussing her work with a friend.

Laura used 180 pounds of rock salt with ladders made of sugar for her first installation piece.

Maya showed some new drawings in the back of the gallery.

Thanks to Michael and Tony the bar was taken care of all evening!


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