Monday, December 07, 2009

Opening of Elemental 12/4/09

It has been a long time since we had the whole gallery to ourselves. It was a beautiful show with our newest members, Dave Meeker and Patricia Gillispie on the top level. I forgot my camera, but was determined to take shots with my phone, so the quality may be sketchy. It was a fun night with many sales and lots of friends stopping by. The red painting on the right is Eric Bohr's.

Dave had his storytelling hat on full throttle. It was engaging to hear him talk about his passion for making art that speaks volumes. The penny houses created a wonderful copper reflection on the wall.

Patricia's work was the perfect companion to Dave's. The large scale orange upside down woman was eye popping. I loved the little copper pinwheels that looked like they had just fallen out of the woman's hand. The kid in me enjoyed spinning them when Patricia wasn't looking. She told me that this piece was originally hung outside on a building. Wish I could mount it on my house.

Here are a couple of folks taking in Patricia's "These Shoes Suck". I think the women in the group can relate. You can also see Dave's installation wheel barrow with money.

Dave's "YES" inspired a lot of conversation about the economy and money.

Kyle Milligan brought the "gorilla santa" over from his Christmas show at Studio Quercus. I think the gorilla head was way too hot for the evening.

My Bird Ballet had quite a few people wondering what they were made of. It looks like glass, but the birds are made of resin.

This guy had the most creative hat of the night. He spray paints them and sells them on the web. Here he is enjoying Kathy Kings painting. I thought they looked good together.


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Nice photos Laura!

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Blogger Unknown said...

Show will be up until the end of January. Come by Fridays 4-7 or saturdays 12-3. We wont be open on Xmas or New Years day

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